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About ​Bruges

We have been serving irresistible ​dishes, that are common famo​us in Belgium. Waffles & Pan​i​nis.

Many more to be added

A Matter ofTaste

There's a reason our regulars have been coming back for more. Word of mouth has been our only advertisement - but happy mouths are the best ambassadors!


Au​thentic tastes

Our ingredients are procured from top brands, to ​ge​t the right tastes


Sn​ack & Meal

Our menu is designed to appease your tastebuds ​at​ all times of the day



Eveny meal or a snack is not complete without ​right beverage, so we offer the exact beverage ​that ​could accompay your meal or snack

On the ​Menu

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De​luxe Chocolate

100% Fresh Crisp Chocolate ​Waffles Loaded With Homemade ​Dark Chocolate Spread And ​Chocolate Chips

Aloo Crunch Panini​

Crunchy & Crispy Desi Aloo Bits, ​Laccha Onions, Bbq Sauce, ​Cheese Sauce Made With Our ​Fresh Potato Bun And Grilled To ​Perfection

Co​okie Monster

100% Fresh Crisp Cookie Monster ​Waffles Loaded With Blueberry ​Compote

From Our Customers


Good one!I placed the order post ​which I saw the reviews and was ​about to cancel it. called Zomato valet ​and asked enquire he said it was ​new to him but it's good over ​the end..i got good food.


Delicious, worth the money. I ordered​ for a party with my friends and they​ all​ enjoyed, Panini was filling too


My favorite cuisine is continental, ​when I found out about Bruges, I ​wanted to try the Belgian dishes in ​India. It was delightful and the dishes ​were top class I will always keep ​ordering

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